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It starts at the Kahului airport. Now, our renter, Jenelle, happens to be under 21 years old, and has discovered that Enterprise Car Rental, Avis, Budget, National and even Alamo would not rent her a car. Jenelle called around and found the same thing at the Kapalua airport. They wouldn’t rent a car to anyone under age 21 at all, and charged a premium to college students or anyone under 25. Then she discovered Fantastic Maui Car Rentals. Not only do they not practice age discrimination, they had a car ready for airport pickup with almost no paperwork, and no waiting. In fact, it was 100 feet from the baggage carousel.

Jenelle could have chosen a Toyota 4Runner, a Honda CRV, a Fiat 500, even a Prius, but she got a Dodge Caravan Minivan, because she had plans that required a bigger vehicle.

She set right out to see some of the famous Maui beaches and surf spots, but jet lag set in. Fortunately, she was able to pull the minivan off the road, stretch out nicely, and take a little cat nap.

After a bit of sightseeing along Hana Highway, she settled into the The Four Seasons Hotel in Wailea for the night.

Jenelle got up early, and loaded up the van with scuba and windsurfing gear, before picking up her friend Jason at the Kapalua airport.

Together they spent the next two weeks surfing and snorkeling, and taking in all the sites like Big Beach, Little Beach, Twin Falls, Baldwin Beach, Makawao, and of course Lahaina. They ate well, too, trying all the great places to eat on Maui, including Paia Fish Market,  Cafe Des Amis, and Mama’s Fish House.

It was a great vacation, ending with a completely hassle-free rental car drop off at OGG.

We are a local rental car company that has been servicing our exotic community in Maui for many years.
We are incredibly proud of being part of a very beautiful island community, and it has been our pleasure to service the rental car market.
Maui is a fabulous place for tourists! And what better way to explore the island than in a rental car from Fantastic Car Rentals? With a variety of affordable vehicles, including full size, mid size and economy cars, small and large SUV’s and minivans, Fantastic has the right car for you to hire and get around during your trip to Hawaii.

Fantastic offers no penalty car rentals for younger drivers aged 21 or under on Maui. Ages 18-25 welcomed! As a student or young driver, you will be able to choose from several of our categories for car hire in Kahului, Maui, including Toyota 4Runner, Honda CRV, Fiat 500, Prius, Dodge Caravan Minivan, and more.
We offer a number of fantastic car rental options for Maui visitors if you are 18, 19 or 20 years old. We are the only rental company on the island who will rent to under 21 so book your car today!

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  • No more waiting in airport lines
  • Blend in like a local with no car rental tags
  • Pay upon arrival
  • Short and long term rental options
  • Cold air conditioning
  • Roof racks for surfboards and gear

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